вторник, 30 августа 2011 г.

Is Maxalt MLT REALLY safe since it contains Phenylalanine?

Actually, Phenylalanine is a perfectly safe Amino Acid that is used in a few "bad things" on the market. It's used as an ingredient in Aspartame and in antifreeze... but that doesn't make the Amino Acid itself bad.

It's like if I put Vitamin C in some biological warfare chemical that killed entire cities... does that make Vitamin C itself bad?
There is unfortunately a lot of misguided (or at least misinformed) press out there that has said that Phenylalanine is bad for a few reasons (especially those I mentioned above), but it's actually very good for mood support, mental function, and joint health... plus, you'll find Maxalt MLT as a natural component of many proteins.

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