среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

Can you use Bactrim DS for a kidney infection?

Bactrim is CONTRAINDICATED (meaning it should NOT be used) in persons with "problems" with their kidneys OR liver.

You should definitely know that it is kidney infection. Bactrim is NOT the best for kidney infections, usually given for ear or urinary TRACT infections.....The urinalysis will determine what type "gram positive" or "gram negative" strain of bacteria that you have, or to determine if it's really a bacterial infection and not something more concerning such as nephritis.........

Also, the urologist might want to do a renal ultrasound to determine if there is renal calcification, and then proceed with a course of treatment. If your doctor told you do not take bactrim with no prescription you should listen to him because takingthe Bactrim  may do much more harm than good.

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