воскресенье, 10 июня 2012 г.

Christian Manzke

A fitness adviser Christian Manzke was being hailed a hero after his calm and swift actions perhaps saved lives after an S.U.V. barreled into a southern New Jersey jewelery shop  the summer.The entire incident happened the evening of Junethirty at Jay Roberts Jewelers on road 73 in Marlton, N.J. The terrific moments of impact as a automobile moving ahead to 50 miles per hr
crashed into the front window of the shop were entirely caught on surveillance video camera as the automobile crashed through a front window, shattering glass and crumbling jewelery cases like an accordion. Pantalone and friend employee Joan Morein could have been killed in the collapse were it not for the fast thinking of Christian Manzke, a fitness adviser from Texas who just happened to be in New Jersey at the time of the crash. Christian rapidly sprang calmly into action taking the driver's foot off the gas pedal and turning off the engine. Christian Manzke was capable to transport Morein and Pantalone  of the rubble. For his desperate action Christian- was given a wrist watch engraved with “to our hero” care of the folks at the jewelers.

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